Read on to find out more about the purpose and installation of an insulating mat

Equipment like an insulating mat and other insulation equipments are those that deter any kind of leakage while an operator is installing an AC or DC connection.

They have become compulsory for all kind of industries to install since early 2007, so as to be able to meet with the safety measures according to IS: 15652.

Composed of Dielectric Elastomers and are highly non-conducting in nature which makes it a perfect choice for insulation purposes.

Following is a list of mats that has been used so far in 2018 for insulation purposes:

Ø  IS 15652:2006, which is an insulating mat that has been made according to the recent standards.

Ø  IEC 61111:2009

Ø  ASTM-D-178

Ø  IS 5424:1969

But what is the importance of insulating mats in the first place?

As we are slowly moving closer towards mechanization of our workplaces, the need of proper insulating products are becoming a hot commodity.

The simple reason why an appliance like electrical insulation mats are an essential appliance that every workplace should have is because they protect the personnel from any kind of mishap because of a short-circuit or heavy electric shocks.

Following are some reasons that explain why they are so important:

·         People working around electrical appliances are prone to hazards, out of which shocks are the most common one.

Moreover, they can serve the purpose of improving the aesthetic of a workplace as well as protecting the workforce from any mishap.

·         No matter how complex the mechanization of a workplace be commodities like electrical insulation appliances will never get old as they are by nature non-conductors of electricity.

·         Insulating mats like that of the high-voltage variety are primarily used for their longevity, high insulation and outstanding resistance to low temperatures.

Therefore, opting for such a mat is a one-time investment in most cases. Whats more it also serves the purpose of protecting individuals from life threatening situations.

How to install your insulating mat?

However, in order to ensure that workers working with or near electrical appliance, one must first know how to install insulation mats.

They are generally installed near regions that are prone to accidents from electrical shocks, like switchboards, generator rooms, substations etc.



Here is a step by step instruction on how to install this precautionary appliance:

·         Making sure the floor is clean

Only cleaning the floor is not sufficient. You will have to make sure that the floor is completely dry and free from any cracks or other kinds of unevenness.

In order to fill up the cracks you should py special attention to the fact that the material used does not in any way meddle with the installation process.

·         Apply adhesives

The adhesive that experts recommend using is the Fevicol SR 998. You should make sure that no other product is used as they can interfere with the performance of your product.

Moreover, be sure to apply adhesive to both the mat and the subfloor, and wait for 5-10 minutes to ensure that both these surfaces are dry or at least partially dry.

This is basically done so that the mat gets attached to the surface properly.

·         Place your mat on the floor

This requires careful and experienced eyes along with steady hands so that the mat is placed evenly across the floor.

·         Apply roller

Apart from leaving the mat to dry completely it is also imperative that you apply pressure on the surface so that any sign of trapped air can escape.